The Internet is the greatest thing since sliced bread, that is a fact and one cannot argue with that. But equally true is the fact that the Internet can be a dangerous place. Case in point: Identity theft. How do these thieves steal a person's identity? Typically, email addresses are where these cyber-criminals start. So what should one do to protect himself or herself from identity theft? Two words: disposable email.

There is an excellent way to avoid spam emails. Every time a person provides his/her email address for signing up for a service, newsletter, member profile, site, or online program; or anything that requires an email address in return for information, he or she runs the risk of getting spam emails. What most people do is look for the spam emails, select them, and then delete them one by one. Deleting those spam items individually is very time consuming, not to mention, extremely annoying. With disposable emails, people won't have to waste their time and effort getting rid of those unwanted emails.

So instead of having to deal with such problems, and risking getting one's identity stolen, what should be done is just open a new email account -- a disposable email account. People can get disposable email addresses from various websites that provide the service for free. Signing up is very simple and not that different from a regular email account. What makes a disposable email special is users have the option to set their account's storage limit. Their accounts will be destroyed after the specified limit is reached or exceeded. They also have the option not to set a limit, this means their emails will never expire. People can also find disposable emails that have a built-in anti-spy ware and are capable of monitoring the websites that they've checked out. Now, how's that for safety!